About Me


Everyone, Please meet 
Liamani Segura.

    She is a 6 year old kindergartener at St. Joseph's  
  Catholic School.
  Some of Liamani's favorite songs are
 "The Story" by (Gray's Anatomys actor)Sarah
  Ramirez,  Disney's Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" and  The National Anthem.
  When Liamani is at home She  loves to sing, act,
 play with her IPAD and play dress up with her sister Anaya.

 In the summer time her favorite things to do are to go swimming, play at the park and
 to "Have sleep overs at Grandma and Grandpa's house." She loves lip gloss,
 popsicles, suckers and play dough. Her favorite place is Disney World and her favorite
 princess is The Little Mermaid. Liamani began to sing at home on her own when she
 was about three years old. She has not participated in any music or vocal lessons, but
 absolutely LOVES to sing. "Singing makes me happy.", Liamani says. "One day I want
 to sing at the super bowl and have jets fly over and big fireworks!"

Liamani wants to Thank Every one for the continued support while she is on her musical
      She hopes that her singing "Touches peoples hearts and makes them happy!" 


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